What up!? ;-)

You have reached a tech blog with posts that some might think contain too much detail. In my opinion more detail is better than trying to put together a puzzle following instructions that have some missing words.

I am a full stack software engineer with 7+ years of professional experience.

My journey started during my school years. As part of IT lessons one of the tasks were to develop basic websites. I really enjoyed doing it and as a result become more and more quicker in production of a working website from scratch. It was a gradual process during which I would be able to fully immerse into the moment. Some people would call it being in the flow. Actually, I remember that from early ages I was into puzzles, maths and everything related to science. I think suitable word would be inquisitive.

After finishing school and entering university for a degree of Computer Science and Electronics I have started to become more aware of other aspects of IT and software engineering e.g. development methodologies, user experience, computer languages, software development ethnics, data protection etc

My time at university was a period where I have received the fundamental knowledge of system development and software engineering in general. Study program at that time was mainly around Microsoft technologies. My course also included UX, design of the system architecture, feasibility study, project management, coding practicals and plenty of other stuff. Really smart stuff. Which I thought I would be struggle to grasp. But hard work, other people support and believe in myself helped me with this.

Further into my studies I have researched other technologies. This gave me a better understanding of what was happening in computer technology world at that time.

It was a great time during which I was exposed to different technologies and techniques of software engineering. Also, this was the time when I realized how great it is to work with other people. The best part was the process. The time where you exchange ideas, share challenges and support each other.

Being curious about all the technology stuff in my final year project I have chosen to develop an Android app. Going through all of the stages of development process by myself has developed an interest in working as a full stack software engineer.

After graduation I have worked in a few places with different approaches. To be honest I started to value team work even more. In the real-world day to day development process feels similar to uni days. However, it has its own interesting points. The best part is that you always learn something new. Whether it is technology related or human relationships. It is definitely worth the time.

Drink coffee responsibly. Stay hydrated. Keep smiling and talking to that rubber duck. Quack-quack-quack

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